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Foundation Wall Reinforcement System in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Foundation wall reinforcement system in Madison fgd

PowerBrace™ Advantages

  • Year-round installation possible
  • Restores property value
  • No outside excavation or disruption of home, lawn or landscaping required
  • One-day installation for most jobs
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc coated steel for long life span
  • Written warranty that walls will not bow/tilt inwards any further

The patented PowerBrace™ System, provided by Badger Commercial Foundations, is your foundation solution for reinforcing foundation walls that are bowing, buckling or tilting inwards.

If you have a failing foundation and would like a FREE foundation repair estimate, call or contact us today! We proudly serve the Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area, including areas like Madison, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, and areas of Illinois like Rockford.

When foundation walls fail due to outside soil pressure, cracks can form and the entire wall begins to creep inward.  Constant expansion and contraction of the soil outside of foundation walls can create cracked or bowed basement or other subterranean walls.  Unless stabilized, it can become irreparably damaged.

The PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall
Reinforcement System

The PowerBrace™ utilizes the natural strength of your building's concrete floor and floor joist, providing an economical foundation wall reinforcement option. The innovative design of the PowerBrace™ adds strength and support to your foundation walls, eliminating the possibility of basement wall movement.

During installation, heavy duty, zinc plated steel beams are cut and fitted to match the height of your foundation.  Each beam is secured tightly against the wall, using rugged steel brackets that anchor to the floor joists as well as the concrete basement floor.

These steel reinforcement beams are warranteed to stabilize your foundation walls in their current position-- with no further adjustment required. However, if you'd like your foundation walls to be restored to their original position, a unique, patented design allows the PowerBrace™ to be tightened further during dry seasons, giving the unique opportunity for possible wall improvement.

rusted corroded foundation support beams in Eau Claire
Old, rusty, failing foundation wall reinforcers in a Milwaukee home.

Protected from Corrosion

Typical steel beam systems provided by foundation reinforcement contractors are created with black, uncoated (or painted) steel.

These exposed, unprotected steel beams will easily rust and corrode, creating an unsightly look in your basement space and leading to potential health problems.

To protect the system from corrosion, all components of the Foundation Supportworks PowerBrace™ System are zinc-plated in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) B633 standards for zinc coatings on steel.

This protective plating ensures the long life span and quality that Badger Commercial Foundations backs with their 25-year written warranty.

rusty nails show health problems

Did You Know?

Rust is iron oxide, and when it gets in your bloodstream, it's just as bad for you as ingesting iron.  Accidental iron poisoning is the leading cause of poisoning deaths among young children.

Local Foundation Contractors For Your Failing Walls

When you decide it's time to stabilize and reinforce your foundation walls to prevent further bowing, buckling, or tilting, Badger Commercial Foundations of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois can help you by providing a FREE foundation repair quote. Our quotes are provided at no obligation and include all of the following:

  • An in-home inspection from one of our foundation specialists
  • A professional foundation repair consultation
  • Full-color brochures, featuring our products and services
  • A free written estimate for all work.

Customer testimonials and references are available, and all our work and products include a written warranty. Installation of our wall systems can usually be completed in a single day.

We are your local experts for residential and commercial foundation repair! If you live in the areas of Madison, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, and areas of Illinois like Rockford or nearby, contact us today!

Steps to a Safe & Secure Basement Wall

Basement wall measurement in Milwaukee, Wisconson

Step 1:
Measurement of basement wall height. The PowerBrace™ is cut to appropriate length.

steel wall beam fastened to floor joist in Rockford, Illinois

Step 2:
The steel beam is fastened and
secured at the top to the floor

Bowing foundation wall reinforcement beam installed in Madison, Wisconsin

Step 3:
The PowerBrace™ beam is plumbed.

foundation reinforcement beam in Eau Claire, Wisconson

Step 4: The steel beam's bottom is anchored to the concrete floor.

PowerBrace™ tightening in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Step 5: Periodic tightening of the PowerBrace™ creates an opportunity for possible wall improvement.

reinforced foundation walls in Rockford, Illinois

Step 6: Your foundation walls are reinforced!

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